Conference for Kotliners

A conference for everything Kotlin
15. June 2018
Budapest, Hungary
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Eugenio Marletti

Exploiting Kotlin Metadata + Annotation Processing

Zhixuan Lai

Taming Websocket with Scarlet

Dmitry Jemerov

Develop Multiplatform Projects in Kotlin

Annyce Davis

Getting a grip on GraphQL

Paco Estévez

State of the functional ecosystem in Kotlin: Mid 2018 checkup

Gyula Voros

Using GraalVM in the context of Kotlin

Wolfram Rittmeyer

Kotlin DSLs

Andrei Chernyshev

Kotlin + Springboot = Decision making platform


About the conference

What Conference for Kotliners is about

Kotliners shape
the future of programming

We’re a conference for everything Kotlin. Our speakers are experts, who will talk about the present and future of the Kotlin ecosystem.

This is the designated meeting point for Kotliners all around the globe, to share knowledge, experiences, and the love of Kotlin.

It doesn’t matter if you just heard about the language, are an expert coder, or work on the ecosystem, you better be here.

This is the place to be if you're interested in


Why Budapest?

Why Budapest?

Budapest, located in the heart of Europe, has it all: a thriving and ever-growing tech community, scenic architecture and sights, relaxing spas, booming food scene, and epic parties. And we’re pretty close:

  • only an hour from Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, or Prague
  • only 2 hours from Paris, London, Rome, or Amsterdam
  • only 3 hours from Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin, or Tel Aviv

Cultural mission

We build digital services used by millions all around the world. We’ve been using Kotlin in production for more than 2 years now, both for Android and backend. Kotlin changed the way we work, so we decided to give back, and help the community to grow – this is why we started the Kotliners movement. We also orchestrate trainings, run monthly meetups, and publish blog posts around the language.

Do you have any questions? Let us know!


Co-Founder @ Makery

Co-Founder @ Makery