Conference for Kotliners

A conference for everything Kotlin
15. June 2018
Budapest, Hungary
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Call for Papers now open.
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Meet some of our speakers

  • Dmitry Jemerov
    Dmitry Jemerov Principal Engineer, JetBrains
  • Paco Estévez
    Paco Estévez Facebook UK, Λrrow maintainer, mistake-driven learning
  • Annyce Davis
    Annyce Davis Android Development Manager, Off Grid Electric + Android GDE
  • Eugenio Marletti
    Eugenio Marletti Lead Android Engineer @Clue, Android & Flutter GDE

More speakers coming soon...

Meet some of our speakers

Dmitry Jemerov


Dmitry has been working at JetBrains since 2003, and has contributed to many projects including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm and Kotlin. Up until recently, he’s been leading the team working on the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, and now he’s exploring future evolution directions for the IntelliJ Platform. Dmitry is also a co-author of “Kotlin in Action”.

Paco Estévez


After several years as an Android developer I now work on development tools and infrastracture at Facebook UK. During the cold London nights I contribute to the community to enhance Kotlin with battle-tested constructs from other languages. Λrrow is the foundation we’re building for a functional library ecosystem. Come learn about our progress!

Annyce Davis


Annyce is an Android Google Developer Expert. She has spent the past 7+ years developing applications for the Android ecosystem across multiple form factors. She is also an international conference speaker and author, sharing her knowledge of Android development with others.

Eugenio Marletti


Eugenio is a passionate developer who takes every “it can’t be done” as a personal challenge – and is not afraid to find creative solutions while doing so. He’s been stuck in a love/hate relationship with the green droid since 2011, culminating in him moving to Berlin in 2014 to join Clue as Lead Android Engineer. Lately, he’s been allegedly reported to do be abusing the Kotlin language, when he’s not too busy preaching about how Flutter is “the solution to every problem in life”.

More speakers coming soon...

What Conference for Kotliners is about

Kotliners shape
the future of programming

We’re a conference for everything Kotlin. Our speakers are experts, who will talk about the present and future of the Kotlin ecosystem.

This is the designated meeting point for Kotliners all around the globe, to share knowledge, experiences, and the love of Kotlin.

It doesn’t matter if you just heard about the language, are an expert coder, or work on the ecosystem, you better be here.

This is the place to be if you're interested in



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Official partners

About the venue

BMC: Budapest Music Center

The conference will be held at Budapest Music Center, a beautiful and modern venue in the heart of Budapest.

More than 700 events take place in BMC every year, with half of them being classical, contemporary, and jazz concerts. BMC is also the home of Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundadtion, which educates, supports, and promotes young talent.

BMC is a prestigious conference center, with excellent acoustics and equipment, in walking distance from the Danube river.

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